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High-calorie Major Mass from VMI Sports is getting a cereal piece-filled Cinnamon Crunch flavor

Vmi Sports Cinnamon Crunch Major Mass

Major Mass is a high-calorie gainer from VMI Sports, known for many other supplements, including its popular, mainstream-competing pre-workout K-XR and its always delicious whey isolate protein powder, Protolyte. The product is packed full of inclusions, and while it debuted in three flavors, with Ice Cream Sandwich, Marshmallow Charms, and S’Mores, it quickly added another three tastes within a year in Chocolate Milkshake, Peanut Butter Cookie, and the baked treat Apple Pie A La Mode.

VMI Sports is now gearing up for another flavor creation for its nutritionally-dense gainer Major Mass, and like the many other options, it will have a good amount of inclusions, specifically real cereal pieces, and the name of the flavor is Cinnamon Crunch. The upcoming extension is still going to give you those classic mass protein macros with 40g of protein alongside 50% more of that in carbohydrates, low sugar, fat somewhere in the realm of 8g, and all ending on a calorie count of 480.