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X-Gamer creates a series of authentic flavors in partnership with the classic Swedish candy S-Märke

X Gamer X Candy People S Marke Flavors

S-Märke is a classic candy in Sweden from a company called Candy People, which was originally founded all the way back in 1982. It makes a whole host of different treats and sweets, but S-Märke is one of its more prominent creations. The name translates to “S-Mark”, and it’s very obvious as to why it’s called that when you see the soft gummy candy in person, as it comes with a giant “S” mark in the center of the circular pieces.

We’re bringing up Candy People and S-Märke for a good reason, as the gaming supplement company X-Gamer, also out of Sweden, has teamed up with that long-running brand and candy for a series of special edition flavors. X-Gamer has simply taken delicious flavors of the well-known S-Märke and turned them into options for its energy and focus-supporting product.

X-Gamer hasn’t actually created four completely separate flavors of Candy People’s S-Märke; it’s individualized the various tastes included in the candy’s Super Sour option. In direct partnership with the legacy company in Sweden, X-Gamer has created Sour Raspberry, Sour Lemon, Sour Pineapple, and Sour Pear, all paired with the brand’s self-titled energizing formula featuring vitamins, minerals, and 200mg of caffeine.

You can purchase any or all of X-Gamer and Candy People’s authentic flavor collaborations through, with shipping available to more than just the gaming brand’s home country of Sweden. The classic candy flavors cost the same as any other taste available for the supplement at SEK 399 for a tub of 60 servings, with unfortunately, no bundle that has a bottle of each flavor, which would have been convenient.

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