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Bright yellow 4+ Nutrition brings together five key electrolytes for an effervescent supplement

4 Nutrition Electrolyte 5

One of our favorite Italian supplement companies in 4+ Nutrition has lept on the endlessly growing trend of hydration products, although, as we’ve witnessed many times before, not in the traditional style we’ve seen from many other competitors out there. The brand has put together Electrolyte 5+, which gets its name from the five different essential electrolytes it brings together to support and improve hydration and performance.

The exact breakdown of components in 4+ Nutrition’s Electrolyte 5+ is 250mg of sodium, 200mg of chloride, 150mg of potassium, 60mg of calcium, and last but not least, 28.5mg of magnesium. That combination may not sound like anything odd or out of the ordinary, although where the bright-yellow branded sports nutrition company sets its supplement apart is in its format, as it doesn’t come in beverage, powder, or stick packs.

Electrolyte 5+ from 4+ Nutrition squeezes its five essential electrolytes into an effervescent tablet that you simply throw in your bottle or cup filled with water, then watch as it dissolves away and infuses your beverage with those electrolytes. The product is completely sugar-free and is only in the one Lemon flavor to start, and directly through the brand’s online store, Electrolyte 5+ carries a price tag of €7.99 (8.85 USD).