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Artificial intelligence decides the design, formula and taste of Hell Energy’s newest flavor

Ai Hell Energy Drink

Beverage brand Hell Energy widely available in Europe has revealed and released a rather intriguing new flavor that has a bit more to it than another addition to the menu of its flagship energy drink. The company has produced a flavor called A.I., and according to Hell Energy, it was entirely created by artificial intelligence — hence the name — starting from the initial design and formula to the taste and even some marketing.

Hell Energy has definitely shown some creativity here by coming up with the concept of letting A.I. have input and take the lead essentially on an energy drink. It is a little difficult to find information on what’s actually in the product at the moment, as we’re interested to know if the main ingredients are the same as the brand’s flagship beverage. The A.I. Hell Energy does highlight B vitamins on the front of its can, which is what regular Hell Energy features, so we know it’s similar on that side of things.

We can confirm the taste fans will be getting inside the A.I. Hell Energy drink, with artificial intelligence deciding on a refreshing combination of Tutti Frutti candy and berry blast. As strange as it seems, the beverage brand did uniquely leave the taste testing up to artificial intelligence by digitizing three different recipes and feeding them to the system that way.

The A.I. Hell Energy certainly has a story behind it, as there aren’t any beverages out there that we know of that have left this many decisions up to artificial intelligence, but at the end of the day, it still comes down to how good the product tastes. A mix of Tutti Frutti and berry blast sounds interesting, and while the dosages of ingredients haven’t been shared, including caffeine, we’re guessing it’ll be similar to your usual Hell Energy drink.

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