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Retailer shares an image of Applied’s authentic Love Hearts flavor of Bodyfuel

Applied Nutrition Love Hearts Bodyfuel

Applied Nutrition announced its first authentic flavor collaboration or group of collaborations a couple of months ago, revealing it had come together with the legendary candy company Swizzels for genuine flavors based on its original candies. The first of those collaborations was a Drumstick ABE Energy Shot and Drumstick option of the brand’s hit hydration drink, Bodyfuel, both featuring the signature taste of the candy in a blend of raspberry and vanilla.

As well as announcing Drumstick as the first flavor from the partnership between Applied Nutrition and Swizzels, other candies that were to be turned into flavors of products were revealed, including Refreshers, Squashies, and the heart-shaped hard candy Love Hearts. News has got out this month of which of those authentic flavor collaborations we’ll be seeing next, thanks to the UK retailer T-Nutrition, which has posted a complete picture of the upcoming item.

Following on from Applied Nutrition and Swizzels’ Drumstick ABE Energy Shot and Drumstick Bodyfuel, is Love Hearts Bodyfuel, based on the multi-flavor candy of the same name. We’re not sure if the product will have a single flavor or a combination, as the classic Love Hearts candy comes in a variety of colors, each with a different taste. There is the lime Green, the citrusy Orange, lemony Yellow, sweet berry Purple, cherry in a bright Red, and tart vanilla White.

Applied Nutrition’s upcoming Love Hearts Bodyfuel will have all of the usual highlights of the sports drink, including no sugar, low calories, added vitamins, and a hefty hit of electrolytes to support hydration. The authentic flavor collaboration, put together with the almost century-old candy company Swizzels, will be available shortly across the UK and presumably other areas of Europe.