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Applied continues its partnership with Swizzels in an authentic Squashies flavor of protein powder

Applied Nutrition Squashies Critical Whey

Applied Nutrition recently released another authentic flavor collaboration with the legendary UK candy company Swizzels, seeing its already available Drumstick flavor of Bodyfuel and ABE Energy Shot joined by a Bodyfuel in the classic candy Love Hearts. To continue the excitement and hype around the Swizzels partnership, another product collaboration has been revealed, and this one is quite interesting due to the candy it’s based on and the supplement it’s coming in.

Coming soon and following the Drumstick Bodyfuel and ABE Energy Shot, and the Love Hearts Bodyfuel, is an authentic candy flavor of Applied Nutrition’s mainstream whey-based protein powder Critical Whey in Squashies. The taste of the original is similar to that of Swizzels’ Drumstick, as its official name is Drumstick Squashies, featuring a sweet and smooth blend of raspberry and vanilla.

Applied Nutrition’s Squashies Critical Whey will be quite different from Drumstick Bodyfuel and ABE Energy Shot, as the mix of raspberry and vanilla is similar, but Critical Whey, of course, is a protein powder, and you’ll be enjoying the authentic candy experience in the form of a protein shake. The reliable retailer T Nutrition is the one that has shared the news of the upcoming and third authentic flavor collaboration from Applied and Swizzels, and it’s said to be arriving soon.