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On-point Ultra Peachy Keen the newest addition to the Monster Ultra menu in Australia

Australia Launching Ultra Peachy Keen Monster Ultra

Monster has a massive amount of flavors available in the US for our number-one-rated energy drink in Monster Ultra, including the likes of Ultra Fiesta, the pineapple-based Ultra Gold, the original white Zero Ultra, and the sweet and refreshing Ultra Peachy Keen. That isn’t the case everywhere around the world where the zero-sugar and low-calorie Monster Ultra is available, including the likes of Australia and New Zealand.

It’s actually not a matter of staying up-to-date with all of the flavors of Monster Ultra, as simply some parts of the world get select flavors, while some of the much older options never make it there. Either way, fans in Australia will be pleased to know the next flavor of the legendary Monster Ultra has been confirmed for the country, and it is one of the beverage’s most recent releases, to join the likes of Zero Ultra, Gold, Paradise, and Rosa.

Making its way out to stores and stockists across Australia and presumably neighboring countries like New Zealand is the incredibly on-point Ultra Peachy Keen, featuring, of course, a delicious peach taste. Down under, Monster Ultra is slightly larger than the traditional 16oz here in the US at 500ml, which is about 16.9oz, although the highlights are much the same with no sugar, a low-calorie count of around 15, and 150mg of caffeine.