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Tasty JST WRK flavor Glacier expands across into Axe and Sledge’s selection of supplements

Axe And Sledge Glacier The Grind

Earlier this year, Seth Feroce’s sports nutrition company Axe and Sledge Supplements launched its contender for the fiercely competitive energy drink category with JST WRK Energy. The brand came out swinging with four flavors in ICEE Blue Raspberry, ICEE Cherry, Shark Bite, and Glacier, all of which had been done before in an Axe and Sledge product except Glacier. The refreshing flavor, which is our favorite on the beverage’s menu, is now making its first appearance in one of the brand’s supplements.

With its relatively complex formula combining a complete spectrum of EAAs for recovery and electrolytes for hydration, The Grind has been put together in that enjoyable Glacier flavor. It is our favorite taste for JST WRK Energy, so we’re guessing it proved popular enough for Axe and Sledge Supplements to expand it across its lineup. The all-new Glacier flavor of The Grind is available directly through the brand’s online store at $39.99 a tub, which can be lowered with any ongoing ambassador coupon.