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Body Fortress upsizes its vitamin infused protein powder with a 3.9lb offering

Body Fortress Larger Super Advanced Whey Protein

Mainstream supplement brand Body Fortress hyped up fans near the end of last month, saying it has something big lined up for July, with next to no clues, only the concept of something rather large. The campaign has led to the launch of a much bigger size of the brand’s flagship protein powder Super Advanced Whey Protein, which is more than your traditional protein with added vitamins to support general and immune health.

Body Fortress’ additional size for Super Advanced Whey Protein is quite a bit larger than the original 1.7 to 1.8lber, tipping the scales a touch more than double at 3.9lbs, enough for 39 single scoop servings. You get all of the same ingredients and nutrition on the inside with 30g of protein, 7g of carbohydrates with 3g of that sugar and 1g fiber, 3 to 4g of fat, and 180 calories, plus the added vitamin D, zinc, and 180mg of vitamin C for immunity.

The one downside to Body Fortress’ bigger 3.9lb tub of Super Advanced Whey Protein is the flavors, as you don’t have as many to choose from by upsizing with only two in traditional Chocolate and Vanilla. Surprisingly the cost per serving isn’t too drastic from the original tub to its bigger brother, with Amazon currently selling 1.8lbs of the Chocolate flavor at $20.51 and the newly released 3.9lb at $43.15, so again, not a huge difference.