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Clean Nutrition drastically steps up the dosages in the third version of its de Beuker pre-workout

Clean Nutrition De Beuker V3

Dutch supplement company Clean Nutrition has revamped and relaunched its flagship stimulant pre-workout named de Beuker Xtreme Workout, introducing de Beuker Xtreme Workout V3, of course, being the third iteration of the product. This time around, the brand has really ramped up the dosages, as while some of the ingredients from V2 have been carried over to V3, the third version has some significantly more effective amounts.

To improve and enhance pumps, Clean Nutrition in the Netherlands has squeezed a hefty 8g of pure citrulline into de Beuker Xtreme Workout V3, a big step up from the odd 1.61g of citrulline malate in its predecessor, plus a sizeable 4g of betaine. There are a few other features filling out the formula that aren’t as impressive as those two, with a gram of taurine, 860mg of tyrosine for focus, guarana, and a potent 340mg of caffeine for energy.

Clean Nutrition has built up de Beuker Xtreme Workout V3 to the level of a premium or overly advanced pre-workout, but as mentioned earlier, it’s certainly a leap forward from the second iteration of the supplement, especially with that roughly eight times more citrulline. The only catch at the moment is that there is just one flavor available for the sequel product in Dragon Pulse, which costs €36.70 (41.18 USD) through the brand’s website.