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Joel Twinem’s Outkast pre-workout is being restocked with a beta-alanine free version

Ekkovision Beta Alanine Free Outkast

In June, the fast-growing newcomer Ekkovision released what is described as its most advanced pre-workout to date with Outkast, put together in partnership with Joel Twinem. The supplement is indeed loaded, featuring reliable ingredients and signature Ekkovision quality dosages, with a hefty 5g of betaine, 4g of performance-supporting beta-alanine, a potent 250mg of eria jarensis, and a strong 325mg of caffeine.

Unsurprisingly, Ekkovision has since completely sold out of Joel Twinem’s signature pre-workout Outkast, although the good news is, it is being restocked in just under a week on Thursday of next week. The packed-out, mostly energy and focus-driving pre-workout will be available once again in all of its flavors, plus a surprise alternative twist, where there will in fact be, two versions of the supplement that are mostly the same.

When Ekkovision restocks its pre-workout collaboration with Joel Twinem, there will be an original, with all of the same reliable and effective ingredients seen in the first round of Outkast, from the 5g of betaine to the 100mg of premium CognatiQ for focus and cognition. Alongside that is going to be a version without beta-alanine for those that prefer not to have the ingredient and its tingly side effect before a workout.

Once again, the complete restock of Ekkovision and Joel Twinem’s Outkast pre-workout plus the beta-alanine-free alternative, will be here on Thursday of next week, and as always, exclusively available through the brand’s online store at