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For this week only a 2.4lb tub of Ekkovision’s transparent protein powder is just $38.69

Ekkovision Price Drop For Protein Powder

A little more than one month ago, the fast-growing newcomer and the winner of our Newcomer Of The Year award, Ekkovision, entered into the highly competitive and saturated category of protein powder with the simply named Ekkovision Protein. It features a relatively straightforward formula with a completely transparent blend of whey isolate and whey concentrate for 26g of protein a serving, and you get a substantial total of 30 servings a tub.

To top it off, Ekkovision launched its first protein powder at a very reasonable price, especially considering the supplement is transparent, sharing the exact amount of protein you get from each of its sources; whey isolate and concentrate. The regular ongoing price of Ekkovision Protein is $47.99, in line with other protein products on the market, but again, this is fully transparent, and you get 30 servings with that heightened 26g of protein.

We’re re-highlighting the positives of Ekkovision Protein today as for this week only, from yesterday through until Sunday; the fast-growing supplement company is discounting the product to under $40. The usual cost of Ekkovision Protein, as mentioned, is $47.99, although for the next few days, it is $42.99, and when you use any of the brand’s ambassador coupons like “EKKO”, it falls that extra bit more to under $40 at $38.69 for a tub of 2.41lbs.

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