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Power Protein sells out shortly after its debut but is restocked just as quickly

Furocity Sells Out And Restock Power Protein

Tyson Fury’s originally energy drink brand, Furocity, expanded into more of a sports nutrition direction last week with the launch of a protein snack in the protein-packed bar-format product, Power Protein. The functional food comes with a fairly typical build in a dense base, gooey and crispy piece-filled layer across the top, and wrapped in delicious chocolate, all providing a solid 20g of protein a piece with a reasonable 203 calories.

Surprisingly, Tyson Fury’s Furocity Power Protein went on to sell out shortly after it debuted through its online store at with single boxes of 15 and discounted bundles of two or three boxes. The brand has quickly restocked its protein bar and to make it even more worthwhile for fans to get in and try Tyson Fury’s first edible item, everything on its website is 20% off, but, of course, only for a limited time.

The discount brings Furocity’s Power Protein bar down to £28.80 for a box, but it doesn’t affect the double and triple bundles, as they’re already discounted by even more to £27.50 each for two and £26.66 a pack for three. Feel free to head over to and check out the product in more detail for yourself, and feel free to take advantage of the 20% sale, which isn’t around for long and does apply to everything, including the original Furocity energy drink and sugar-free, caffeine-infused gum.

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