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Furocity puts displays in Iceland stores where you can swap boring snacks for a Power Protein Bar

Furocity Snack Swap Shop

Tyson Fury’s growing brand, Furocity, which started in the highly competitive category of energy drinks, recently went down another path and introduced its first functional food with the Power Protein Bar. The product comes in Caramel and Fudge Brownie flavors with a typical amount of protein at 20g a piece, an equal 20g of carbohydrates, a low amount of sugar sitting under 2g at precisely 1.9g, 6.8g of fat, and a reasonable amount of calories at 203.

The recently released Power Protein Bar can be purchased straight from Furocity’s official online store at as well as the giant UK supermarket Iceland, where you’ll also find the original Furocity Energy Drink. At the many Iceland locations, you’ll pay £2 (2.57 USD) per bar in either Caramel or Fudge Brownie flavors, but if you head in there sometime shortly, you’ll come across something interesting that should encourage you to try the product.

Tyson Fury and Furocity have partnered with Iceland to set up Snack Swap Shop displays in various locations, including stores in the likes of Fulham, Blackpool, Mold, Norwich, and Banbury. These are displays, as you can see in the image above, that have boxes of the Power Protein Bar on top, and directly below, an opening. The idea is you swap what the brand describes as a “boring snack” by throwing it in the opening to receive a free Power Protein Bar.

It’s a great way to get Furocity’s latest product out there and build awareness, especially since these Snack Swap Shops are in Iceland supermarkets, where it’s not just fitness enthusiasts and general protein bar consumers passing by. The brand has given any examples as to what exactly is a boring snack, although we’re guessing any sort of bar that’s not Power Protein, and you have until this Sunday to get to one of the select Icelands to make the swap.

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