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More flavors from GNC’s Marvel partnership rolling out in the coming months

Gnc X Marvel More Superhero Flavors Coming

GNC recently released a family of superhero protein powders put together in partnership with the legendary comic book company Marvel, each of them inspired by a member of the Avengers. The family is made up of three different flavors for one of GNC’s own supplements, Pro Performance 100% Whey, in Captain America’s Star-Spangled Birthday Cake, Iron Man’s High-Flying S’mores, and Black Panther’s Royal Caramel Cookie.

It’s a great collaboration, seeing signature Marvel superheroes on shelves at one of the sports nutrition industry’s most prominent specialty retailers, and with such a vast catalog of superheroes under the Marvel banner, it’s no surprise the first three are only the beginning. It has been confirmed that additional flavors from the partnership are rolling out to GNC locations in the coming months, presumably for Pro Performance 100% Whey.

While “additional flavors” is quite a vague statement, not saying exactly how many extensions from the GNC and Marvel collaboration we have to look forward to or for what supplements, it’s exciting no matter which way you look at it. For now, it is the original three Captain America, Iron Man, and Black Panther protein powders, and currently, they’re included in a buy one get one half-price sale, bringing them down to $29.99 a tub for two.

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