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G Fuel crafts a flavor of its signature supplement based on the classic gummy shark candy

Gummy Shark G Fuel

Most of the time, the flavor extensions the gaming specialist G Fuel frequently rolls out are collaborations, whether it be in partnership with a recently released film, a popular video game, an iconic anime or manga, or even an ambassador. Occasionally you get something that’s not a collaboration of any kind, which is what we have from the busy brand this week, but a tasty creation nonetheless, and it’s for G Fuel’s signature energy and focus supplement simply named Energy Formula.

G Fuel has turned a classic candy into a flavor of Energy Formula called Gummy Sharks, based, of course, on the blue and white, shark-shaped gummy candy. The brand has pumped out many candy-style tastes over the years for that same supplement, with the latest effort fitting right in while still offering something seemingly different. G Fuel will be launching the product through its online store shortly, where tubs of 40 servings cost $35.99 and if there is a Collector’s Box that’ll likely be $39.99.

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