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Heavy Nation announces Mega Dosed as the first premium pre-workout in South Africa

Heavy Nation Claims South Africas First Premium Pre Workout

Premium pre-workouts have become a huge trend these past couple of years, and for those that haven’t read our frequent recap or quick summary of what that type of supplement is, it’s essentially a pre-workout separate from a brand’s original offering that simply gives fans a way to spend more to get more. C4 Ultimate was one of the earliest we remember, with many others following in more recent years, such as Pre-Kaged, the powerhouse Pre Jym X, and RYSE’s top-rated Godzilla.

While we have seen plenty of these premium pre-workouts in the world of sports nutrition, the majority of them have been from brands in North America, more specifically, the highly-competitive and saturated US market. The concept has yet to really spread and turn into a trend in other parts of the world, but there are plenty of brands taking a shot at it, which could quickly turn into a heated battle if competitors decide to follow suit.

Recently, South Africa’s Heavy Nation rebranded its selection of popular category supplements, and alongside all of that was the debut of the alternative pre-workout Mega-Dosed. That is precisely what we consider a premium pre-workout, giving fans the opportunity to spend more on a pre-workout with the brand and get more. Mega Dosed is indeed mega-dosed for the region with highlights like 6g of pure citrulline for pumps, 300mg of caffeine for energy, and 2.5g of creatine HCl.

Heavy Nation has made the claim that Mega Dosed is not just its own first premium pre-workout but the first in South Africa, and as far as we know, that is correct. If you happened to miss the launch of the supplement, check out our post on Mega Dosed to find out all you need to know. The product is certainly an impressive step for the South African market, and as mentioned, don’t be surprised if others in the area decide to jump on the concept and put their spin on it, and turn it into a bit of a trend.