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Colorful Hype Sauce coming to the electrolyte-filled G Fuel Hydration tomorrow at 3PM

Hype Sauce G Fuel Hydration

While the gaming category is booming with new entrants, there’s one brand that is all but synonymous with gaming supplements, G Fuel, and it’s not a mystery as to why. G Fuel constantly provides fans with creative flavors, exciting collectibles, and fun collaborations with all sorts of partners. This week is no exception, with the brand announcing today that it will be launching a new flavor for its caffeine-free hydration formula.

The new flavor for G Fuel Hydration is ambiguously named Hype Sauce; however, the bright pink and yellow striped label won’t leave you guessing long as it’s evident that Hype Sauce is a sweet raspberry and lemonade flavor. Fans of G Fuel’s Hydration Formula don’t have long to wait as the new Hype Sauce is set to launch at exactly 3PM on the 5th of July — tomorrow — directly through the brand’s online store at

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