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Pump Sauce quickly builds a name for itself and its glycerol-loaded liquid pump formula

Introducing Pump Pre Workout Pump Sauce

Pump Sauce is a recently released and increasingly popular pre-workout, and as you can probably guess from the name, it is specifically designed to improve and enhance muscle pumps. Another key benefit is, similar to other pump-centric pre-workouts; Pump Sauce is stimulant-free, giving fans the ability to combine it with other stimulant-backed supplements to add the pump power of Pump Sauce or further support what’s already there.

The format of Pump Sauce isn’t traditional flavored powder or capsules to swallow before your workout; it is a bulk bottle of liquid. Due to that unique format, the product is able to utilize glycerol as its primary ingredient and at a whopping 20g per serving. The formula does go a bit further than that, combining glycerol with other pump-enhancing components in 4g of citrulline malate, a gram of agmatine, and 400mg of pink Himalayan salt.

As mentioned, Pump Sauce has been quickly increasing in popularity, and you can see why with the catchy name, convenient stackable format, and supremely effective experience, especially with the 20g of glycerol in a full serving or 10 in a regular one. You can purchase the supplement from the retailer My Supps Club at $49.99 for a single 16-maximum-serving bottle, or get a discount on bulk buys, such as $37.49 a piece when you pick up four.

There are currently just a couple of places you can purchase Pump Sauce, although the team behind it is hoping to change that in the near future. Retailers and distributors can reach out to the company over on its Instagram page to inquire about carrying the product, with undoubtedly many more developments and announcements to come from Pump Sauce here at Stack3d.