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Limited edition Nitrosurge 11 earns the title of the first pre-workout in space

Jacked Factory Sends Nitrosurge 11 Into Space

For a few years, there have been services that send things into space or high enough to be considered space, whether it be a food item, traditional toy, clothing, and even the ashes of a loved one. The world can now add a specific type of supplement to that list, as one of the industry’s more popular and well-known brands has done precisely that; taken a tub of a pre-workout, partnered with a service, and sent it up into space.

It is Jacked Factory that has gone the extra mile and appropriately launched its rocket-themed Nitrosurge 11 pre-workout in a delicious Rocket Pop flavor into space. The brand has uploaded footage of the entire experience, which we’ve conveniently embedded for you directly below. The over two-hour video sees the special edition supplement leave Earth, reach space, hit peak altitude, then descend for a soft landing.

Jacked Factory has certainly spiced up the release of its limited-time Nitrosurge 11 pre-workout with its space campaign, as it gives the brand and supplement the title of the first pre-workout in space. Nitrosurge 11 is still in stock and available through Jacked Factory’s online store at $29.99, featuring 30 full servings of the Nitrosurge Build formula, and it comes with a unique two-sided scoop for easier single and double servings.