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Jacked Factory throws a unique double-sided scooper in its limited-time Nitrosurge 11

Jacked Factory Nitrosurge 11

Jacked Factory has a strong selection of competitors in the saturated pre-workout category, starting with the original Nitrosurge, then you have the CON-CRET creatine-reinforced Nitrosurge Build, the fat-burning pre-workout Nitrosurge Shred, and the more advanced, premium Nitrosurge Max. The brand has just introduced its limited edition Nitrosurge 11, or Nitro 11 for short, which looks like it might have been designed for the 4th Of July and arrived a bit late.

Jacked Factory’s Nitrosurge 11 pre-workout isn’t exactly a completely separate version like Nitrosurge Shred or Max; it’s actually a special edition flavor of a supplement that’s already available. The brand has taken Nitrosurge Build, which combines the regular Nitrosurge formula with 2g of CON-CRET creatine, and put together a Bomb Pop-inspired option called Rocket Pop, presumably featuring the classic combination of cherry, lime, and blue raspberry.

Nitrosurge 11 has one other intriguing feature, and that is inside the product is a unique double-sided scoop, where one side gets you the right amount of powder for a single serving, and the other is enough for a double. Jacked Factory is selling its limited-time Nitrosurge 11 directly through its online store for less than Nitrosurge Build at $29.99 for the same bottle of 30 servings, or spend $35.99 and get the supplement and a matching Nitro 11 tee.