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Completely new Melon Blast flavor arrives in the US for NOCCO’s signature BCAA energy drink

Melon Blast Nocco Energy Drink In The Us

The selection of flavors the No Carbs Company NOCCO has available for its signature functional beverage in the US is not quite as large as it has in its home country of Sweden. There are a few flavors you’ll find over there that aren’t stateside, including the two limited-time tastes the creative functional beverage brand has rolled out for summer in 2023 with the raspberry-themed Juicy Ruby and the return of the 2022 flavor, Juicy Melba, which is a peach experience.

NOCCO still consistently expands the flavors and products it has available to its growing fanbase in the US, and this week, in line with summer, it has dropped a flavor that for once is not available anywhere else, at least from what we can see. The brand has put together a taste named Melon Blast, very obviously featuring a classic melon taste but in NOCCO’s flagship energy drink with 180mg of uplifting caffeine, 3g of BCAAs for muscle recovery, and, of course, no sugar.

The price of a pack of 12 of the NOCCO beverage is not that expensive through its dedicated US online store at $29.99, and Melon Blast is in stock there beginning this week. There is also an ongoing bulk option the brand has available where if you fill your cupboards and snatch up four cases, you get $20 off, dropping cases of a dozen cans of the NOCCO energy drink to a competitive $24.99 each.

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