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Clean Cause names its first of four non-carbonated flavors in an intriguing Mint & Honey

Mint Honey Non Carbonated Clean Cause

Clean Cause recently revealed and released its all-new functional beverage, which is a spin-off of its original yerba mate-fueled beverage, with the key difference being that it’s not carbonated. It has that same smooth 160mg of natural caffeine for a boost in energy wherever and whenever you need it, and it’s made with cane sugar for a sweet taste that does come with some calories at 90 in a traditional 16oz can.

Interestingly when Clean Cause launched, it was made available in a variety pack with three cans of each of the four flavors, but it did not name what any of those flavors were. The brand instead plans on unveiling each of the tastes throughout the month of July, the first of which has been shared, and it is an interesting one with Mint & Honey.

Fans of Clean Cause may remember back near the beginning of the year, the product was actually previewed with full details and three flavors, not four, and one of those was Mint & Honey. If the beverage company has indeed kept things the same for those others, two of the yet-to-be-officially-revealed flavors of the non-carbonated Clean Cause are Berry Tasty and Peach Passion. Either way, as mentioned, the full menu is being shared throughout July, every Thursday on the 13th, 20th, and 27th.

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