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Cream of rice comes to Myprotein’s extensive selection in competitively priced 1kg and 2.5kg bags

Myprotein Cream Of Rice

Cream of rice supplements were all the rage last year and the year before that, with many sports nutrition brands of all sizes — small to medium to large — coming out with cream of rice-based products featuring just the named ingredient as a clean source of carbohydrates. To name a few, there was Naughty Boy, Germany’s premium competitor Vayu, Proteinbolaget house brand GAAM Nutrition, and Australia’s Alchemist Nutrition.

The supplement giant Myprotein has kept the category alive with the release of its simply named Cream Of Rice, which is similar to something it’s had available before but discontinued in Protein Rice Pudding, although that was infused with extra protein. The all-new Cream Of Rice features one ingredient in white rice flour, so cream of rice, and it provides 39g of carbohydrates a serving with 3.5g of protein, 1.5g of fat, and 184 calories.

Like many of Myprotein’s products, Cream Of Rice is competitively priced, giving those that use cream of rice as a convenient source of carbohydrates a strong cost-conscious option. The brand has launched the supplement in a 1kg or 2.2lb bag at £10.99 (14.10 USD) and a significantly better value 2.5kg bag or 5.5lber at £18.99 (24.37 USD). The only downside is if you like your cream of rice flavored, Myprotein’s has no added flavor.

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