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Naughty Boy creates a special edition Menace for premier distributors Tropicana and Prometeus

Naughty Boy Do The Business Menace

Naughty Boy in the UK has announced another collaboration, only days after revealing its Citrus Dream flavor series, put together in partnership with its ambassador Celia Gabbiani and involving three separate supplements; Energy, Hydration, and Whey. The brand has returned today with news of another collaboration, although this one is more in line with some of the past partner products we’ve seen from the two-time International Brand Of The Year in that it’s with a pair of distributors.

Naughty Boy has created a Do The Business edition of its signature stimulant pre-workout Menace, specifically for Tropicana in the UK and Prometeus in Europe. The flavor of the supplement is called Apples & Pears, obviously featuring a combination of refreshing apple and sweet pear. The formula is slightly different from the regular Menace pre-workout, including the likes of citrulline malate at 6g for pumps, a combined 399mg of caffeine for energy, and 600mg of VitaCholine for focus.

Naughty Boy Do The Business Menace Label

We’ve got the complete facts panel for Naughty Boy’s Do The Business Menace in the image above, and you can look forward to seeing it in stores very soon and in many locations, thanks to the power of those involved in the collaboration. As mentioned, the brand has teamed up with Tropicana and Prometeus for its Do The Business edition, two distributors with an incredible reach; Tropicana serving the UK, and Prometeus, albeit based in the Netherlands, spans all of Europe.