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Nutrabolics makes a Birthday Cake Hydropure to celebrate turning 20-years-old

Nutrabolics Birthday Cake Hydropure

Many sports nutrition brands celebrate their birthday or anniversary with some sort of deal or discount, and they can be rather creative, offering something like 25% off for being in the business for an impressive 25 years. Nutrabolics, the long-running Canadian supplement company, notably branded in a signature combination of black and yellow, is marking its 20th birthday, and to celebrate, it has put together a special edition flavor of its signature protein powder, Hydropure.

When it comes to birthdays and supplements, there is one flavor that is a go-to, and that’s the rainbow-sprinkled classic Birthday Cake, which is precisely what Nutrabolics has baked for its 20th anniversary in a Birthday Cake Hydropure. The celebratory taste is only around for a limited time, and it has all of the usually lean Hydropure macros with around 28g of protein from premium hydrolyzed whey isolate, 2g of carbohydrates, a gram of fat, and a lean 130 calories a serving.