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Redcon1 Energy menu moves into double digits with Orange Cream and Grape Freeze

Orange Cream Grape Freeze Redcon1 Energy

Despite its young age at only nine months old, officially hitting the market in October of last year, Redcon1 has been relentlessly expanding the menu of its first-ever great-tasting energy drink, Redcon1 Energy. The alpha-GPC and caffeine-powered beverage launched in five flavors — Sour Peach Rings, Sour Gummy Blast, Freedom Frost, Vice City, and Cali Splash — but has added two more since then in Icy Blue Lemonade and Baja Bomb.

We’re not sure when exactly these flavors rolled out, but two more tastes for Redcon1 Energy have shown up in separate locations, pushing its total number of flavors into double digits. Over on, there is now a grape-based taste named Grape Freeze, available at the brand’s usual direct-to-consumer price of $29.99 a case. Then in Vitamin Shoppe’s online store, there is an all-new orange creamsicle-inspired taste named Orange Cream.

The Vitamin Shoppe does have a deal on at the moment, where cases of Redcon1’s increasingly popular energy drink are discounted down to $22.50, which is $1.87 a can, well below that of the brand’s website. Unfortunately, as mentioned, Vitamin Shoppe has Orange Cream, and has Grape Freeze, so if you want both, at least for the time being, you need to shop at both, but of the two, Orange Cream is the one that’ll save some cash.