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ProSupps adds more citrulline, beta-alanine and alpha-GPC to Hyde Nightmare

Prosupps New And Improved Hyde Nightmare

Hyde Nightmare is a separate pre-workout from ProSupps’ regular Hyde, or any other version for that matter, and it was originally put together in partnership with legendary UFC fighter Kamaru Usman, also known as The Nigerian Nightmare. The legacy sports nutrition brand brought the product to market back near the end of 2021, and now here, in the middle of 2023, it is relaunching it with a refreshed set of ingredients and dosages.

If you’re already a fan of ProSupps’ well-rounded Hyde Nightmare pre-workout, you’ll likely enjoy the handful of changes being made to the formula for the sequel, as they’re all improvements. Basically, everything that’s in the original is in the revamped version, and it’s only in the dosages where the differences start to come into play, as nothing is lower; the ingredients are at the exact same amount or a fair amount higher.

Prosupps Hyde Nightmare Label

The notable increases in ProSupps’ reformulation of Hyde Nightmare include 50% more pure citrulline at 6g, for better muscle pumps, double the alpha-GPC to 200mg a serving for enhanced mental focus, and for a bit of extra performance support, you get a complete 3.2g of beta-alanine, as opposed to the 2.5g of the first Nightmare. Again, that sits alongside the other features from the sequel’s predecessor, such as 250mg of acetyl-l-carnitine, 100mg of theanine, and a combined 300mg of caffeine.

As mentioned, ProSupps has only made Hyde Nightmare better, carrying over everything that made the pre-workout enjoyable and elevating a few areas for better pumps, performance, and mental focus. Fans can expect to see the new and improved supplement out and available on shelves shortly, still with a full 30 servings per tub in the same four flavors; Black N’ Blueberry and the originals Lightning Lemon, Jawbreaker, and Blood Berry.

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