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Battery’s much-loved limited edition Remix 22 returns a year after its initial availability

Return Of Battery Remix 22

Last year, Finnish energy drink company Battery released a very special edition Remix series flavor named Battery Remix 22, with the title coming, of course, from the fact that it was made available in the year 2022. The product featured a traditional fruity cocktail taste combination and an eye-catching pink and blue can design, but even more importantly; it was a collaboration put together in partnership with fellow Finnish pop singer Isac Elliot.

From what we know, Battery Remix 22 did prove rather popular, and with that in mind, the beverage brand has decided to bring the initially limited-time product back a little more than a year after the first time it was ever available. Battery is currently rolling out its returning Isac Elliot collaboration, Remix 22, in its home country, with the same flavor and key ingredients, including 160mg of caffeine in a 500ml can, and it’s not sugar-free, so it has a fair amount of nutrition at 63g of carbohydrates, 60g of that sugar and 260 calories.

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