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Ghost is celebrating Sour Candy Day with a completely new Sour Patch Kids collaboration

Sour Patch Kids Strawberry Lemonade Ghost Legend

Ghost is the supplement company that brought authentic flavor collaborations to the forefront and made it the massive part of the sports nutrition industry it is today, and throughout the years, it has partnered with many different iconic foods. The list of partners the brand has created flavors with includes Oreo, Sonic, Chips Ahoy, Bubblicious, its first-ever collaboration with Warheads, and another classic sour candy in Sour Patch Kids.

There have been several variants Ghost has put together in partnership with Sour Patch Kids in Redberry, Blue Raspberry, Watermelon, and our favorite of the lot in Pineapple. The brand has spread those genuinely Sour Patch Kids candy-like flavors across many of its supplements such as Ghost Gamer, the beverage Ghost Energy, and the pre-workout Ghost Legend, which is about to get another Sour Parch Kids creation.

Right on Sour Candy Day, Tuesday of next week, Ghost is launching a completely new and undoubtedly delicious Sour Patch Kids flavor collaboration in Sour Patch Kids Strawberry Lemonade for the balanced and recently reformulated pre-workout Ghost Legend. The product will be going live in the brand’s website as well as its mobile app, and to celebrate the drop, all Sour Patch Kids supplements will be buy one get one half price.