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Vast gives fans 300g of unflavored citrulline for standalone use or to pump up your pre-workout

Vast Citrulline

We recently posted about European brand Vast and its first-ever fat burner, in the mostly premium ingredient supplement Oxy Heat, featuring the likes of VitaCholine, goFat, CapsiMax, and the ever-present absorption-enhancer AstraGin. The brand is back in headlines this week with news of something quite a bit simpler than Oxy Heat named Citrulline, which is indeed a bulk standalone tub of pump and performance-supporting citrulline.

Vast Citrulline exclusively features pure citrulline, not citrulline malate or any other complementing ingredients, just citrulline. The supplement also comes in large 300g tubs, giving you the freedom to dose to your liking, whether that be 50 servings at 6g a piece, or you can go big for 30 servings at 10g of citrulline. Like Oxy Heat, the latest from Vast is available first through its website at €24.90 (27.11 USD), and it’s unflavored for easier stacking.

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