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Blessing Awodibu’s special edition Boogieman Punch pre-workout goes live at

Where To Buy Muscletech X Blessings Boogieman Punch

MuscleTech has officially launched its ambassador collaboration in the Boogieman Punch flavor of the Enfinity paraxanthine-powered pre-workout EuphoriQ, created, of course, with the Boogieman himself, Blessing Awodibu. The legacy sports nutrition has gone the extra mile for this one, giving the product more than just a unique flavor but also its own alternative label design featuring an eye-catching illustration of Blessing.

The first place you can get your hands on MuscleTech and Blessing Awodibu’s Boogieman Punch EuphoriQ, which is only around for a limited time, is the brand’s own online store at If you get over there this week, you’ll have the chance to grab the collaboration at a strongly discounted price, as through until Sunday, the brand is offering 30% off everything on its website for the Stack3d Supplement Expo.

The regular price of a full-size 20-serving tub of Boogieman Punch EuphoriQ is $49.99, although with the Stack3d Supplement Expo-exclusive coupon code, that falls to a much lower $35. Clearly, it’s worthwhile getting in sooner rather than later, and another reason you might want to grab Blessing Awodibu’s Boogieman Punch quickly is that, again, it’s only here for a limited time, so it may not be around for long.