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Gorilla Mind continues its promise of a fresh new energy drink flavor every month with Wild Grape

Wild Grape Gorilla Mind Energy Drink

One of the biggest stories that came out of Gorilla Mind and its launch of the efficaciously dosed Gorilla Mind Energy drink was the plan to add one new flavor every month for the 12 months following its debut. The beverage officially arrived in April in Exotic Kiwi, Orange Rush, Arctic White, and Black Cherry Vanilla flavors; then in May, we got a new Strawberry Candy, and in June, we got two to cover two months in Tiger’s Blood and Lychee Bomb.

Basically, Gorilla Mind has kept its promise of at least one new flavor every month since the launch of Gorilla Mind Energy, even if we got one a month early. Right on cue, as we approach August, the reputable sports nutrition brand has announced the next addition to the menu of its beverage, and it is Wild Grape. Many of our favorite energy drinks have attempted this taste and knocked it out of the park, giving us high hopes for Gorilla Mind’s effort.

Wild Grape will make it a total of eight flavors for the Gorilla Mind Energy drink, doubling the size of its menu and its original four. The product is due to arrive in a few days, right on the last day of this month, which is Monday of next week. The Wild Grape Gorilla Mind Energy will join the seven other options the beverage has available over at, where it’ll cost you $34.99 for a case of 12 cans of the energy and focus-fueling experience.