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Xtremis unveils a bulk creatine as the first entry in its essential-style Uncut Series

Xtremis Cartel Uncut Series Creatine

ASC Supplements recently became Xtremis Cartel, undergoing a massive rebrand that involved a slightly different look and a completely new name but the same reliability, quality, and effectiveness in its sports nutrition products. The revamped brand debuted with three supplements in refreshed versions of its amino cocktail Bomba and stimulant pre-workout El Jefe, and the completely new liquid pump pre-workout Sicario Swole.

The newly named Xtremis Cartel has revealed the first new addition to its lineup since the massive revamp and while Bomba, El Jefe, and Sicario Swole are all complex supplements, that’s not the case on this one. The brand is getting ready to drop its Uncut Series Creatine, a standalone micronized creatine product with 120 servings a tub, each with a full 5g of unflavored creatine monohydrate to support strength and performance.

The Uncut Series is Xtremis Cartel’s basic, essential-style family of supplements, and Creatine has been confirmed as the one to kick it all off. That does mean more products are coming to fill out the family, and they’ll all be in that same sort of straightforward, mostly standalone style. The brand’s debut Uncut supplement will be going live in the near future through its online store at a price to match the simplicity of its formula.

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