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Functional specialist All Nutrition makes a pasta sauce with just 24 calories in a 50g serving

All Nutrition Fitking Series Pasta Sauce

The F**king Delicious Series, which is just a play on words and is actually meant to read Fitking Delicious Series, is a family of functional foods from the creative Polish company. The collection consists of protein chips, better-for-you cookies, sauce, blocks of no added sugar chocolate, gummies, granola, and many other items. This month, the brand has welcomed another entry to its F**king Delicious Series in Pasta Sauce.

All Nutrition’s F**king Delicious Pasta Sauce is exactly what it sounds like: a sauce to combine with pasta for a delicious and nutritious meal. Being a part of the brand’s better-for-you family, the nutrition on this is obviously much better than traditional pasta sauce. A reasonable 50g serving of the product comes with half a gram of protein and almost no fat, just 6.5g of carbohydrates, only 1.9g of that sugar, 800mg of fiber, and a low 24 calories.

The much lower sugar and calorie Pasta Sauce under All Nutrition’s F**king Delicious Series is made with straightforward, real food ingredients, including tomatoes, onion, garlic, and herbs, with erythritol being responsible for the great taste and keeping the nutrition within reason. As per usual, you can head to the brand’s retail partner SFD to grab its latest effort, where you’ll pay 19.99 zł (4.83 USD) for a multiple-serving half kilogram jar in Red Pepper Tomato, Tomato & Herbs, and Sweet & Sour flavors.