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Alpha Lion recreates a strawberry lime popsicle in its latest Pre-Workout Of The Month flavor

Alpha Lion Strawberry Samurai Superhuman

As reliable as the likes of G Fuel is with frequent flavor extensions and Apollon Nutrition is with regular reformulations of its key supplements, month to month, Alpha Lion never misses a beat when it comes to its Pre-Workout Of The Month Series. The whole thing involves the brand releasing a special edition flavor every month for two of its many different pre-workouts, with last month seeing the launch of the sour green melon experience Alien Ooze for Superhuman Burn Extreme and Burn Stim-Free.

Right at the beginning of August, Alpha Lion has taken the covers off its latest limited-time flavor for two separate supplements in a taste creation named Strawberry Samurai, which is a two-part recipe described as strawberry and lime popsicle. The brand has put together the flavor for its stackable pre-workouts Superhuman Pre and the stimulant-free Superhuman Pump, both of which are going live for three days at on Tuesday, the 8th of this month, at precisely 7 PM Eastern Time.