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Long-awaited RTD version of Harness gets a sneak peek and looks like it’s almost ready

Arms Race Nutrition Update Sneak Peek On Harness Rtd

Arms Race Nutrition put on one hell of a performance in 2022, more than enough to earn it a nomination for our prestigious Brand Of The Year Award. It didn’t slow things down at all moving into 2023; in fact, it kicked off the year announcing the coming of an RTD version of its well-rounded pre-workout Harness. We haven’t heard anything more on the topic of the beverage spin-off since then, although that changes today.

Arms Race Nutrition recently mentioned it would be shifting from the lengthy three-word title of “Arms Race Nutrition” to something much shorter and simpler in ARN. In the image above, you can see one of the first examples of that switch to an abbreviated ARN logo, but more importantly, it is indeed on a bottle of the long-awaited Harness RTD.

The sneak peek at the ready-to-drink alternative to the Harness pre-workout doesn’t include any details outside of what it is, although at the very least, it confirms the product is still happening and clearly closer to becoming available than ever before. Arms Race Nutrition or, now referred to as ARN, knows how to formulate a pre-workout, as seen in Harness and Harness Evolution, so we look forward to seeing what it can pack into an RTD.