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Astroflav makes a flavor of One Scoop Only that taste testers connected straight to Welch’s Fruit Snacks

Astroflav Welchs Fruit Snacks Like Flavor Of One Scoop Only

One of the things Astroflav is very well-known for is flavoring, from its hit protein powder ISOMix to some of its more workout-orientated supplements like Astro Amino, the loaded Full Tank, and its various pre-workouts. One of the pre-workouts the brand has on offer is called One Scoop Only, based on the idea that you do indeed only need one scoop of the packed product, and you’ll certainily be more than pleased with the results.

Astroflav is currently preparing to drop a limited flavor of its One Scoop Only pre-workout, and it sounds like a promising one, so much so that individuals who blindly tasted the extension were able to correctly guess what it’s based on or inspired by. We’re not sure what the official name of the flavor is going to be, although the brand has shared a video where those samplers confirm what the familiar and enjoyable experience is all about.

Astroflav has apparently taken some inspiration from Welch’s nostalgic fruit juice gummy sweets, Fruit Snacks. The upcoming flavor of the One Scoop Only pre-workout is based on that product, and again, the brand nailed it so accurately fans were able to associate the supplement with Fruit Snacks. It doesn’t appear to be an authentic flavor collaboration, just inspired by the food, although we have reached out to Astroflav to confirm.