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Canada’s Believe moves into the clear protein category with a set of three refreshing fruity flavors

Believe Supplements Protein Refresher

Believe Supplements in Canada is getting ready to release a product for what started as a trend but has turned into a sub-category of the saturated protein powder market. We’re talking about clear and refreshing protein, where you get a clean and lean protein product typically made with whey isolate or hydrolyzed whey, and the catch is it only comes in fruity flavors, which is the case in Believe’s new Protein Refresher.

Believe Supplements Protein Refresher is a protein powder providing a solid 20g of protein a serving, no sugar, and a lean calorie count of 100. The brand promotes the supplement as a “premium juice protein refreshment,” hence the name Protein Refresher, and like others that are in the sub-category, it only has fruity flavors to choose from. There is Strawberry Lemonade, Citrus Blast, and the classic two-part Cherry Lime.

Believe Supplements is launching its light, crispy, and refreshing Protein Refresher protein powder on Monday of next week in its home country of Canada, and it will be available in a rather small 1.44lb (656g) tub size.