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Fresh Supps is attending this year’s Epic Block Party and it’s bringing a fresh new product

Blueberry Pomegranate Fresh Supps Amino

This coming weekend, the annual supplement industry celebration, known as the Epic Block Party, put on by the reputable retailer Natural Body, is going down in Ozone Park, New York. Many well-known and widely available sports nutrition brands will be exhibiting in support of the supplement store, including the fast-growing newcomer Fresh Supps. The young brand has been rather busy since it made its debut about half a year ago with two category-named products, Pre-Workout and Amino.

Not only is Fresh Supps attending the 2023 edition of Natural Body’s Epic Block Party, it is also bringing a fresh new item to the event to reward everyone that manages to make it out. The brand has cooked up another flavor of one of its first two supplements, in the amino cocktail, Amino. The name of the extension is Blueberry Pomegranate, and again, it’ll be available first to try and buy at this year’s Epic Block Party, with stock rolling out and showing up elsewhere following this weekend.

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