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Core is cooking up a functional food collaboration and is planning to drop it around Black Friday

Core Nutritionals just dropped its second-ever authentic collaboration, where it’s partnered with Fun Sweets for Blue Raspberry Cotton Candy and Cherry Berry Cotton Candy flavors of Core Fury Version 2 and Core Pump. Despite those supplements only becoming available this week, the reputable sports nutrition brand is already talking about more collaborations, including some with Fun Sweets and potentially someone else entirely.

Doug Miller and the great team at Core Nutritionals, have shared some nuggets of information regarding a product they currently have planned for launch on or around the annual giant sales event, Black Friday. The few vague details it’s revealed are that it is some sort of collaboration, so put together with someone outside of the brand, and it is not a supplement; it’s more of a functional item like a high-protein bar, cookie, or even candy.

All of this has us thinking of something like Finaflex’s Power Pie, where the brand made a protein-packed version of the famous Moon Pie, with Moon Pie itself. Core Nutritionals sounds like it is taking that approach and bringing a touch of sports nutrition to a familiar food. That could result in many different things, depending on who it’s partnering with, like a high-protein Hershey’s chocolate block or a better-for-you licorice with Twizzlers.

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