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Core drops its authentic cotton candy pre-workouts in discounted bundles with a matching shaker

Where To Buy Core Nutritionals X Fun Sweets Pre Workouts

Core Nutritionals has officially launched its well-put-together collaboration with Fun Sweets, which has resulted in two authentic flavor creations tweaked and designed specifically to taste like two of the company’s popular cotton candies. There is Blue Raspberry Cotton Candy and Cherry Berry Cotton Candy, both available for Core’s two stackable and highly-effective pre-workouts in Core Fury Version 2 and the stimulantless Core Pump.

As suspected, Core Nutritionals has launched its Fun Sweets flavor collaborations with some discounts, giving fans the ability to save if they grab more than a single unit. You can purchase individual bottles of any of the four authentic cotton candy flavors at the supplements’ usual prices. For the well-rounded pre-workout Fore Fury Version 2, that is $54.99 for a tub of 20 maximum servings, and for Core Pump, it’s slightly less at $49.99.

In addition to the single unit options, there is a two-product pack that gets you one each of Core Fury Version 2 and Core Pump in your choice of either Fun Sweets Cotton Candy flavor plus a shaker at $99.99, saving you $5 between the two. You can also go the whole way in the complete collection bundle with a unit of each flavor in each product plus the shaker bottle themed to match the collaborations at $189.99, saving you $20.

Core Nutritionals is rolling out its authentic Blue Raspberry Cotton Candy and Cherry Berry Cotton Candy flavors of Core Fury Version 2 and Core Pump to retailers, so you can expect to see it on shelves shortly, with the premier sports nutrition distributor SportLife now stocking all four items.