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13 Lives promises its upcoming Cyberpunk to be Australia’s strongest pre-workout

First Look At First Lives Cyberpunk Pre Workout

13 Lives in Australia is getting ready to release another pre-workout, separate from its already available Steamfunk Pre, featuring a reasonable set of ingredients to support energy, focus, pumps, and performance. The upcoming supplement is Cyberpunk Tomorows Pree, and it is being promoted as the country’s most powerful pre-workout. It is a step up from Steamfunk, with a more robust, well-dosed collection of components.

The upcoming Cyberpunk Tomorrows Pree does carry over many of the ingredients found in Steamfunk Pre, but again the dosages are a bit higher, and there are several other components in there to ensure it comes through on that promise of a powerhouse pre-workout. We’ve got the facts panel for the product directly below, but notice on the left are the dosages in a single serving which can be doubled for the maximum two-scoop experience.

13 Lives Cyberpunk Tomorrows Pree Label

Powering the pump portion of 13 Lives’ most competitive pre-workout to date is 6g of citrulline malate and 200mg of norvaline, and for performance support, you get 3.2g of beta-alanine, 200mg of rhodiola, and 750mg of taurine. The rest of the formula is responsible for the sensory benefits of energy and focus, including 200mg each of kanna and juglans regia, a moderate 250mg of alpha-GPC, half a gram of tyrosine, huperzine a, theanine, mango leaf, 130mg of theobromine, and an intense 450mg of caffeine.

As mentioned, 13 Lives has certainly stepped things up for its pre-workout Cyberpunk Tomorrows Pree, especially with the wider selection of ingredients and an undoubtedly more potent hit of caffeine at 450mg, 100mg more than Steamfunk Pre. The supplement is due to arrive in Australia and become available at the end of the month in Gigabit Grape, Lemon Drop, Megabit Mango, and Rapidfire Raspberry flavors with 20 servings a tub.