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Fit Kit’s latest better-for-you protein treat appears to recreate the classic Mars bar

Fit Kit Elon

Fit Kit in Russia has quickly become known for its incredibly creative functional foods, which was pretty clear with the product it built its name around in the delicious, protein-packed, low-sugar Protein Cake. The latest entry in its extensive collection of functional creations is Elon, another tasty-looking candy bar-style protein snack, similar to its Snickers-like Wellnut Crispy, Fitstick Crispy, and the hazelnut-filled Hazels.

Fit Kit Elon is actually a lot like Wellnut Crispy, not just in the sense that it’s a protein bar featuring a candy bar-style build, but because it appears to be inspired by or based on a popular mainstream treat. While Wellnut Crispy has branding and a design like Snickers, Elon has a look and build along the same lines as the classic Mars Bar, featuring a soft and smooth base and salty gooey caramel across the top, covered in milk chocolate.

Elon puts a picture of its mouthwatering bar right on the front of its wrapper just so you know the type of protein-snacking experience you’re in for, and unlike a Mars bar, the nutrition of this product is a lot friendlier. The functional food has a moderate 7g of protein in its light 45g bar, 5g of fat, and 18g of carbohydrates, 6g of that fiber and no added sugar, leaving a reasonably low and better-for-you level calorie count of 127.

As per usual, the place to go to get your hands on the latest creation from the Russian brand is its own online store. Over at you’ll find the Mars-like Fit Kit Elon in stock and available for purchase at 1,275₽ (13.54 USD), and that gets you a little more than the usual 12 bars a box at 15.

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