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Active nutrition giant Foodspring drops its first pre-workout and it’s stimulant free

Foodspring Pump Pre Workout

Foodspring is primarily an active nutrition and functional food company, although while it has plenty of snacks, better-for-you items, and nutrition-focused products, it also has plenty of sports offerings in popular areas like protein powder, amino acids, and muscle recovery. The German brand has introduced its first pre-workout this week named Pump, and it is a stimulant-free supplement built specifically to improve pumps and performance.

As mentioned, Foodspring is, first and foremost, an active nutrition and functional food competitor, so it’s no surprise its debut pre-workout, simply named Pump, isn’t anything supremely advanced. The brand has packed every serving with electrolytes, an oddly light 13mg of vitamin C, and then a selection of amino acids, none of them dosed too highly in a gram of taurine, 400mg of betaine, 1.65g of arginine, and a more respectable 4.4g of citrulline malate.

Again, Foodspring isn’t known for high-powered sports nutrition supplements; it’s a more mainstream-level active nutrition, lifestyle company, and that is reflected in its first-ever pre-workout Pump. You can grab the product directly from the brand’s online store, where the price isn’t too expensive, but it’s considered expensive for what you get at €29.99 (32.60 USD) for a bottle of 30 servings in Sour Apple and Cranberry Orange flavors.