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Saved fruit juice energy drink brings together various forest berries for its newest flavor

Forest Berries Clean Savd

Quickly following the launch of the newest flavor of Clean Drink’s flagship energy drink, providing an energizing 180mg of caffeine and featuring absolutely no sugar, the company’s spin-off beverage Clean SAV:D is welcoming another extension. Clean SAV:D is a product similar to the original Clean Drink, packing 105mg of caffeine, although the key difference on this is that it’s made with fruit juice that would’ve otherwise been thrown out, hence Clean SAV:D, or its initial name, Clean RSCUED.

The latest flavor creation for Clean SAV:D, now available in sports nutrition retailers throughout its home country of Sweden, is Skogsbär, which translates to forest berries, putting the sweet and refreshing tastes of various berries into the form of an energy drink. The all-new Forest Berries Clean SAV:D has all of the usual highlights of the beverage, including that moderate 105mg of caffeine, and due to it being made of saved fruit, it does have some carbohydrates by way of 3.3g of sugar.

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