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Fun Sweets has plenty of other cotton candies Core could make use of if the first two go well

Fun Sweets Catalog Of Cotton Candies For Future Collaborations

Core Nutritionals is officially launching its second-ever authentic flavor collaboration in a week and a half after revealing the partnership and products this week. The reputable sports nutrition specialist has teamed up with Fun Sweets to turn two of its famous cotton candies into pre-workouts. Core has taken Fun Sweets’ Blue Raspberry and Cherry Berry cotton candies, and made them into flavors of two separate pre-workouts, the stimulant-fueled Core Fury and the stimulant-free Core Pump.

We always find it interesting exploring future possibilities from partnerships, and by that, we mean seeing what else two companies could do after their initial collaboration. In this case, Fun Sweets is known for its cotton candy, and it actually comes in many other flavors outside of Blue Raspberry and Cherry Berry. If the first two prove to be successful, and we imagine they will with how much effort has been put into them, there is a good chance we’ll get more authentic cotton candy flavors.

To give you an idea of where Core Nutritionals and Fun Sweets could go from here, some of the other options available for the original sugar-filled cotton candy are Watermelon, Vanilla Snow, Strawberry & Vanilla Cupcake, Banana, and even a Cherry Berry spin-off in Cherry Berry Vanilla. We’ve heard nothing but good things about the taste of the Fun Sweets’ Blue Raspberry and Cherry Berry Core Furys and Core Pumps, which again are arriving in about ten days on the 14th of this month.

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