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VasoDrive and AstraGin swapped in for a more authentic experience in Core’s Fun Sweets collaboration

Fun Sweets Core Pump Added Vasodrive And Astragin

If you haven’t heard, the reputable and reliable Core Nutritionals is launching its second collaboration on Monday of next week, where it is teaming up with the popular cotton candy company Fun Sweets for two authentic flavors. The supplement company has taken Fun Sweets’ Blue Raspberry and Cherry Berry Cotton Candy and turned them into options for its pre-workouts, the balanced Core Fury and the stimulant-free Core Pump.

Core Nutritionals has gone all out on this collaboration, tweaking and redesigning every little area of its Fun Sweets Cotton Candy flavors of Core Fury and Pump to ensure an authentic experience, whether it be touch, smell, look, and taste. In the lead-up to the launch of the products, the brand has shared a little bit of information that is well worth knowing if you plan on purchasing the stimulant-free pre-workout Core Pump.

While the Fun Sweets Blue Raspberry and Cherry Berry Cotton Candy flavors of Core Fury will have the same formula fans have come to expect from the pre-workout, that’s not the case in Core Pump. To give the flavors the vibrant cotton candy-like color needed for a completely authentic experience, the brand has taken out PeakO2 from Core Pump. It didn’t just take away and leave it there; it swapped in two new ingredients with 245mg of the premium pump component VasoDrive, and 50mg of the absorption enhancer AstraGin.

Basically, when fans of Core Nutritionals purchase the authentic Fun Sweets Blue Raspberry and Cherry Berry Cotton Candy flavors of Core Fury and Core Pump, don’t be surprised when you turn Pump around and see that PeakO2 is missing. This is a change the brand has made specifically for its flavor collaborations with Fun Sweets, not something you’ll see spread across to any of Core Pump’s other ongoing options.