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Pure Protein covers one of its two new protein bar flavors in colorful sprinkles

Galactic Brownie Pure Protein Bar

The mainstream protein brand Pure Protein, known for its well-distributed protein bar, protein RTD, and, more recently, protein chips, has dropped two new tastes for its long-running, edible protein item, the Pure Protein Bar. If you’ve ever purchased or even seen the brand and that product in stores, you’ll know you’re not short on options, covering all of the classics like Peanut Caramel, Peanut Butter, Chocolate Deluxe, and the sprinkled Birthday Cake.

With traditional tastes already pretty well taken care of, the latest extensions of the Pure Protein Bar are obviously more on the unique and uncommon side with a sweet and salty Caramel Churro, combining those two title tastes, and another chocolate-heavy creation in Galactic Brownie topped with colorful sprinkles. Both products are out and available in stores and have the snack’s signature 20g of protein, low sugar, and 180 to 190 calories.

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