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Vitamin Shoppe begins carrying the highly effective Gorilla Mind Energy and in a completely new flavor

Gorilla Mind Energy At The Vitamin Shoppe

Gorilla Mind Energy has been a huge success for the already reputable sports nutrition powerhouse Gorilla Mind, selling out incredibly quickly after its initial launch and several flavor extensions. We also recently got ahold of the beverage to try out its impressive and advanced formula firsthand, as well as the taste, and genuinely found it to be a whole new standard in the energy drink space due to how effective its focus, cognition, and clarity are.

The one catch with the Gorilla Mind Energy drink, which is also the case with most functional beverages, is distribution, as the best way to enjoy an on-the-go energy drink is indeed out, about, and on the move. Since the launch of the product, it has only been available for purchase exclusively through the brand’s online store, where it costs a reasonable $35.99 for a case of 12 cans, although shipping is tough at $10, adding almost a dollar to each drink.

Beginning this week, the answer to the distribution issue is here, as Gorilla Mind has partnered with the sports nutrition retailer The Vitamin Shoppe to carry its highly effective and great-tasting Gorilla Mind Energy. The energy drink is already showing up in locations at $3.49 a can, which is right around the many other competitors Vitamin Shoppe has available in its coolers, and more than worth it once you’ve experienced its nootropic benefits for yourself.

Gorilla Mind Energy is hitting the specialty store in a handful of its previously released flavors, including one of our favorites from the menu in Tiger’s Blood, and a completely new Sour Watermelon Candy. As mentioned earlier, wider availability is critical for success in the increasingly competitive energy drink space, and despite Gorilla Mind’s beverage being just four months old, its partnership with The Vitamin Shoppe is an exceptional start.